Sunday, March 6, 2011


Finally! This is all that I can say because finally, I am now a certified Human Nature dealer and that makes me a legal seller of the products too. And finally, I got to try the products which I had received in my loot bag.


Okay, so I had posted two days ago that I went to Cebu's branch last March 5, 2011 for the orientation. From orientation to registration of course because I signed up right away after the proper session. I decided to register with the Php 499 kit instead of selecting the Php1999 which was my first choice because during the orientation, Miss Nelia informed that getting registered is the only important thing, get the cheaper kit yet I can still get the same instant 25% discount in every item I purchase. Actually she is correct so I gave in and went with the Php499 one.

Here is my filled form:

The loot bag was not really a bag but a paper container, they still had maintained to be pro-environment. These are the inclusion:

Photos taken at the branch office:

One thing I found out is that they are having this one program where empty bottle containers are placed inside a container for recycle purposes. Isn't that pretty wonderful? Sure thing it is!

Already! Let the heart for our nature begin!


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