Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orientation To Registration

As promised from the First Visit post, I went back to HumanHeartNature's Cebu City branch today. In fact, I just arrived, turned on my tablet and is now writing this post. I am just excited! So, going back, since James and I were informed that the orientation starts at two o'clock, then we went there at exactly two. Actually, we were already in Robinson's Food Court sipping our favorite Thirsty buko juice while killing the time.

I got some photos taken this time but I'll upload them later, I need to edit them first. Okay, so when we went inside, there were only two persons there, a guy who seemed to be not a member and was also killing his time there and a lady in her early 40's. She entertained us and soon we knew her as Miss Nelia. She herself introduced the business and the product.

Things I learned about :

♥  It was founded by the Meloto Sisters with the help of Dylan Wilk, Anna's husband who is a multimillionaire in England. Just a little more info, the Meloto sisters are daughters of the Gawad Kalinga founder, Tony Meloto thus making Human Nature a sister company of Gawad Kalinga.

♥  It was launched in November 2008 in Blue Leaf, Fort Bonifacio, Manila. Human Nature will be turning three in November this year.

♥  Learned that they are slowly manufacturing the products by the company itself, before it was manufactured by a third party company. 

♥  99% of the raw materials or ingredients are from the Philippines. They are making an effort to make sure not to import raw materials from abroad unless there is no readily available natural alternative. You can find this on the internet as well:

As your guarantee of the integrity of our products, you will start seeing a new natural seal on our labels. To qualify for the seal:
  1. The ingredients must be biodegradable and at least 95% natural (the same standard set by the Natural Products Association in the USA). Many of our products are in fact 100% natural. 
  2. The ingredient must come from a renewable resource with no petroleum compounds and be processed in a way which is not damaging to the environment
  3. A "non-natural" ingredient is only permitted if there is no readily available natural alternative and the ingredient meets strict criteria regarding human and environmental safety and biodegradability.

So be secure knowing that when you enjoy our products, you are getting only genuinely natural goods that are the best for you, your family and the environment.

♥  The business is a franchising type.

♥  In Cebu, there are approximately 900+ dealers.

♥  Consumer Testimonials which are too many to mention.

♥  And a lot more.

I was totally mesmerized so I signed up and registered right there. I will be posting my experience together with the photos as well next time.

From now on, I am officially a Human Nature Ambassador! Thus I can say that I heart Human Nature! ♥♥♥


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